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I’m starting up a tarot side business. I want to put pictures of the decks I use with a mysepace for it. Does something like that infringe on any copyright laws?

The way I see it is that the artists would like to see their art work of the cards they created be used by a professional reader. And since it’s out there, it’s like advertising for them.

But hey, anyway, insights please? Just curious.

PS. I want actual answers concering this question! I do not want to see “you’ll burn in hell” type answers for this question. Whatever you believe, you can keep it to yourself. What I know is my own personal truth, and even if it doesn’t match your own, doesn’t mean it’s invalid.
Thank you.

Answer by jerry-the-bookkeeper
If you get the permission of the copyright owner you can use the images.

Unless explicitly transferred the copyright and all rights remains with the creator of the work. You own the tarot deck, but you do not own the images and do not have any rights regarding those images.

If you can find old designs that predate the copyright laws or for which the copyright has expired you may use those.

Hope this helps

Answer by Ed Atun
Tarot cards have been around for 500 years. You shouldn’t have any trouble using them in your site.

Take a close look at the deck of cards you planned on using. If they have a “trademark” on the cards or the box, you shouldn’t use them.

But you don’t need to use their cards. For less than the price of paying them to use the cards, you could produce your own “online cards”. You could pay an artist a one-time fee to make each card. Or you could do it yourself.

Answer by karamell08
Yeah, you would need to get permission, regardless of whether or not they have set up their trademark or copyright. The issue isn’t that you will be advertising for them, it will be that you are making money off their art and they aren’t getting acknowledgement. But if you get permission, you’d have to be ready to cut them in on the deal.

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I was on and i was doing this Tarot for two….and i dont want to buy anything and im very curious (either know its not real) about to what it ment….

top center: Possible out come: “Ace Of Cups”
Middle center: Love situation: “temperance”
bottom center: Challenges and oppertunities: “The fool”
Right top: (my name)’s situation: “death”
Right Bottom: (his name)’s situation: “ten of wands”
Left top: (my name)’s advice: “strength”
Left bottom: (his name)’s advice: “nine of swords”

can anyone help? what do these cards mean!!

Answer by peace_by_moonlight
I could answer the question for you but it won’t really mean anything to you. A card reading done online like that with those automatic dealings are not accurate. If you understand Tarot then they really can’t be. There is no power to tell you anything in the cards. Its the reader that has the power. So if your reader is a computer program chances are its not going to be accurate. If you are interested in having you cards read I suggest that you have a real person do it.

But if for learning purposes you would like to know what the card mean there are alot of websites that go over the meaning and symbology of each card. (Oh and the meanings can change slightly with the deck used also. This is because the images on the cards change)

Answer by Astrapulvis
Like a previous answer, I don’t really hold much stock to ONLINE Tarot. But here is my two cents worth on interpretation.

In a nutshell: Look to a new opportunity in love, a relationship that will grow over time, with you holding much of the power where the relationship will lead. Be careful of taking things way too fast. Control issues and withholding of emotions on his part may play a part in some difficulties, but I believe they can be overcome. Overall, I would predict a healthy loving relationship, one that both of you will enjoy, but not an exciting one to the view of others.


Answer by lightningelemental
I will answer your question, but first a little education: Tarot is a tool of divination, meaning it helps the Seeker connect to the Divine. The reader helps facilitate that connection. The connection is the result of the energy of BOTH the seeker and the reader. What will be revealed are things YOU ALREADY KNOW (although you might not be consciously aware–you already know on a subconscious level). I was taught to let the seeker shuffle and cut the cards and ask that what is needed to know be revealed. Some online tarot sites are set up so the seeker can “shuffle” and then “select” the cards, but I agree that the best readings are between two people, not between you and a computer. Keep in mind, getting a “live” reading does not always ensure an appropriate interpretation of the cards. For example, recently a young woman came to me because she had a tarot reading and was told that she would become pregnant within the year. I asked this young woman if the card that indicated that was the Empress (and showed her the card). She said yes–that’s the one. I knew what happened. The reader was using a literal interpretation of the Empress. Most cards, in most situations cannot be taken literally (although sometimes they can be). The meaning of a card is most often symbolic or metaphoric. I held her hand and immediately knew to tell her that she would be giving birth to a project within a year. Now to your question:

The Fool (your challenge): Although you have little experience, you are about to embark on an unknown journey or path (symbolically). You will learn much along the way.
Temperance (love situation): Be careful. Temper your words and actions. Don’t rush into anything. Take your time.
Ace of Cups (possible outcome) First I need to amend that to say “possible outcome based on your present course of action”: Your cup runneth over (as they say). As you give you will also receive. Relating to this particular reading, the love you give will be returned to you.
Death (your situation): First, this card is NOT to be taken literally. You are undergoing a big changing. Old ideas and habits are dying, but are being replaced by new ideas, etc.
Ten of Wands (his situation): He is feeling overwhelmed and overburdoned. Does he really want to take this on? His plate is already full. He is not sure he can add one more thing to his already full life.
Strength (your advice): Mind over matter. You are advised to use your inner strength (and you have lots of inner strength) as you proceed on this journey into the unknown–so don’t fear.
Nine of Swords (his advice): He has alot of anxiety and inner termoil. This potential love/relationsip has him shaken.

In summary: Take things slow as you are venturing into a great unknown. Don’t rush into anything. You have the strength and determination to handle this, but be careful and don’t, I repeat, don’t rush into anything. He has a lot of inner issues to work out. He may not be the one for you (if he doesn’t deal with his own stuff), but regardless, you will grow (and change) from the experience and will be just fine.

Best Wishes and Bright Blessings to both of you.

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I am a practicing psychic intuitive and would like to do a “trade” with another practicing psychic (professional), someone who has done many readings and usually charges or does trades for them as I do. Please list your website address or send it to me.

The next question is, if anyone out there needs some positive reiki energy sent their way for themselves or for a loved one, please let me know. I am a practicing intuitive/healer, but I do long distance healings free of charge, and they are very effective.

Answer by Dangerous Danny
No and no, thanks for the points.

Answer by icananswerthequestion
Psychics practice a pseudo science. Its a big scam… Cold reading, warm readings. All crap to me.

Answer by whiteworker
I am a practicing psychic intuitive,tarot card reader,lightworker and crystal healer,but I do not charge for my services,but you may contact me through email or online. love and light

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