Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : A dishonest tarot card reader’s card reads -All your predictions will come true. What will be thereesult?

Answer by Benjamin B
Whatever happens, since tarot cards are fake and it doesnt matter what the card says.

Answer by mikesglobal
Good one. While we’re at it, what results when an irresistable force meets an immovable object?

Answer by you know me..

Answer by dmagician45
some believe tarot cards are real, some don’t. it’s all in the matter of belief. maybe the reader was a false one, maybe the entire thing is false. no one can really know.

Answer by *winterpixel*
Nothing because they are dishonest from the beginning.

Answer by Me
a true tarot car reader will tell you – the cards do not tell the future they tell you what is in your subconscience

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are tarot cards, palm readings real?

ive gone to a palm reader twice and everything she said was correct and she told me alot of things that were gonna happen in the futureand they happened… i want to try to get my cards read but not sure about them? but i want opinions weather u think u can actually tell the future by lines in your hands and cards?

Answer by Dominion My Tail!
NO! These people pray on the desperate and gullible. It is a skill they learn based on body language and the reactions and responses given. Save your money and put it in a savings account for your real future.

Answer by ℒ’amour est ℒe chaos
I kind of doubt palm reading

Tarot has no power of its own. Its more like a divination tool. Basically just used to express subconcious psychic abilities. Or at least thats how its supposed to work.

Answer by Sapphire
Tarot yes if you have the ability,they are so real,they can be scarey. Palm reading do not know much on,and what I have seen,not impressed by at all.

Answer by StealthShadow
Tarot and palms are just props, but the truth is that evil spirits put a picture in the readers mind and then they follow u home and try to make everything happen that the reader said

Answer by * 15 *
Tarot reading is condemned in the Bible & ‘readers’ just have enough “life-experience” to give you deceptive info…
Start with reading this book that says ‘You have more than enough advisers, astrologers, and stargazers. Let them stand up and save you from what the future holds. But they are as useless as dried grass burning in a fire. They cannot even save themselves!” Bible-Isaiah Chapter 47 verses 13-14
Your Father in Heaven offered and is willing to accept Jesus’ sufferings for the punishment your sins deserve; you would be very foolish to refuse, even if a sacrifice like that doesn’t seem to “make sense.”! No one’s sins deserve mercy – sins against God’s infinite love justly deserve unending punishment – as offences again the Eternal Creator! No amount of suffering or “goodness” you could ever offer could possibly pay for your sins.
Confess your sins to Jesus – the only one, as God the Son, who could ever make a BIG ENOUGH sacrifice for your sins. Ask His forgiveness for making Jesus’ sufferings necessary. Turn from them proving your repentance is real trust Jesus took the punishment your sins deserved, on His cross. Trust Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment your sins deserved. That is the Father’s only way you can have eternal life.
Otherwise, there will be no mercy on Judgment Day. It will be too late for you. All the mercy your sins require was already provided on Jesus’ cross. That is the only payment for your sins that God the Father will accept!

Answer by Mike

Answer by Ideo Fugiet
Yes they are real. No they cannot predict the future. What you got from the palm reader was a very good cold read from an individual adept at reading your body language.

Answer by choko_canyon
Are they real? Yes.
Do they actually WORK? No, of course not. Only the gullible and naive think otherwise.
The palm reader you went to was gifted at telling people things that are vague and generalized, and having them seem like specific predictions. You were suckered.

Answer by Linda
Tarot cards, palm reading, fortune telling, astrology, crystal balls, ouija boards, interpreting dreams and looking for signs to guide your life are all forms of witchcraft. God calls it disgusting and His laws to the Israelites provided that anyone found practicing witchcraft or even associating with someone who practiced witchcraft was to be put to death.

The reason for this is that is it controlled by Satan. Does it work? Oh yes, if it didn’t Satan could not use it as a tool to enslave people, could he? Satan cannot tell your future. Your future is up to you. If you want to live into the next world and be given everlasting life, I suggest you read the bible and do things God’s way.

Answer by Tina
You already have a few really great answers given already, so what I have to say will only confirm or back up what they have already mentioned. The ones who do such, are not really doing what is good in God’s sight, as He sees it as sin in their lives. I use to be involved in astrology, so I know from personal experience that what the Bible says about all of that is true. It’s like ‘quicksand’ you think you are doing ok, but learn after you get involved that it isn’t. The demonic influences that are present there are many, and God has made clear in His Word both in the Old Testement and in the New that no one should play around with any of that. If affects the soul, spirit and the ones whom you love who you are with . It is not a positive arrangement, though what you have heard, or seen appears to happen to you, it is a deception of the evil one to get you to dig further your own ‘grave’, Another way to look at is is like poison for the soul, Jesus is the only antidote that can cleanse your soul from it. It is very dangerous to the souls furture, and it may not look like it at first, because the evil one wants you to be fooled by it, and the games are dangerous to the soul, cards, anything of that nature that is not from God or serve His ulitmate purpose should not be played with or used. It may appear to be ‘fun, and look and act real, like a decoy looks real until you examin it and you learn it is fake, a very good looking fake, but none the less fake. Satan has counterfiets in all of that so it is best to avoid such even though it looks good to play with as such. That is what he wants you to think,and why those ‘things’ have happened . He can make things happen to, just enough to get you deeply involved into trouble. Think of the ‘addictions of drugs, alcohol, nicotine all that seems to be enjoyable for the moment’, but your body is hooked on the chemical dependancy of them, and they ruin your life in the end. Know that from the many groups that are out there to help people give them up. Rehab centers, for such, as well as anyonmous groups for those who don’t want the public to know that they had involvement in such. God’s Word, Bible Study, and great fellowship in prayer with others, and learning how others have been freed from the slavery of that is far better for your soul than those kinds of cards or anthing related to that. There are so many tv shows out these days, that it is not surprising of the interest in this kind of subject matter. Don’t let that be your problem. You want to know the Real future of the things to come ? Read the Bible, and seek legitiment weather news. God’s Word of Prophecy is 100% accurate in His time, purpose and plan. If you don’t believe me, look up all the prophecies regarding Jesus and for those that He has already fulfilled from the Old Testement time to the time that He came to the earth, i.e. Christmas . Look it up and study, and learn and you will know the difference .

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
No one can tell the future without any doubts more than a few seconds in advance. If you are tied to a train track and a freight train is barreling towards you at 50 miles an hour and is only a few feet away, then I predict, quit accurately, that you will be crushed by a speeding train. If that same train is 5 miles away, I would guess that you might be run over, but I can’t know for a fact that you will not escape in time.

What tarot can do is tell you whether there is a train coming, not tell you that you will absolutely get hit by it. There is a difference between psychic readings, palm readings and tarot readings. Some people use all three, or will combine a psychic reading with some other form of divination, but one need not be psychic to read cards or palms. Palm readings give an overarching view of life trends. Tarot readings are much more versatile and can give you insight into many different types of problems, from sweeping views of your life to very detailed analyses of individual daily concerns.

If you’d like an email reading, message me and let me know, we can set something up,

Answer by IntuitiveImpressions
Absolutely! I have been reading the cards for 20 years and they are very predictive; of course they aren’t 100% accurate, but they can predict things. Cheers!

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