Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : 6 of cups? Any experienced Tarot readers available to help?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of a few years. Earlier today I did a quick 3-card spread and asked the tarot cards if my x-boyfriend and I would get back together. It was a fairly emotional end. I received:

1. Six of Cups
2. Nine of Cups
3. Nine of Wands

I know interpreting a reading is personal, however if you received this spread yourself, asking the same question, how would you answer the question? Do you think we’ll get back together? Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!
The cards were all upright and I wanted all 3 cards to answer the question at hand, there was no past, present, future positioning with this spread.

Answer by Scorpio Wild Card
I have read Tarot for years, I don’t claim to be psychic, but I can read Tarot, as I started off in Germany as my aunt gave me my first deck back in 1993…
Been reading since!
I can decipher the cards for you, though ppl see them differently….
VI of cups is looking back to the past at something…
shunning corruption or
being acquitted*
IX of cups means feeling pleased as punch, if you will*
Better-getting what you think you want…
And the IX of wands- persevering, to protect, getting knocked down, then standing up for something, they all go together to answer your question…
The answer the cards are giving you is Yes, but in moderation and time, not all at once… by the looks of it… I would say sooner than you think because of the first two cards, the third one reflects, the middle one is the key answer… I don’t go by books or online sources… You feel sense the emotion coming off the cards rather than read them by picture…
Hope that helped.

Edit: you say, “The cards were all upright and I wanted all 3 cards to answer the question at hand, there was no past, present, future positioning with this spread.”

That’s what I gave you… I read them as a whole together, and really not by past, present or future, although they do somewhat predict all 3 to a degree….
Now if they were reversed… it could be a different interpretation.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : 10 of swords, outcome card, I need your help tarot readers?

A friend of mine did a tarot reading (celtic cross) using the Nancy Garen tarot book. I’m sure most professional have a copy of this book which is very detailed. I had asked the question to my friend who was reading the cards “What is happening with my marriage over the next 90 days” and the outcome card is what im trying to figure out. First off, my marriage has been a loveless marriage for years and there have been a lot of fights and it’s been very hard for me to leave due to fear of losing (financially) as I’m the bread winner… what i think this outcome is telling me is, is that I assumed my marriage would be ending a certain way when suddenly it changed and is ending another way and now I feel like since it’s not ending the way I want it too that I feel like my future is looking bad and that I will need to have an attorney fight for me to get me out of his mess (other recourses)….does this outcome sound right to you? Ive posted it below. Anyone who doesn’t read tarot, I dont need your smart remarks…thank you. 🙂

10 Culmination: Ten of Swords
The culminating card, the final result of the situation.

Things are going to go in a different direction than you anticipate, and though the future looks rather grim, there are positive vibrations on the way and other recourses will become apparent.

Though the worst is over, anguish will continue because you won’t be able to bury the past or start anew. You will vacillate between “do I want it or don’t I,” and the moment you try to pin anything down or make a firm decision, it will change.

Answer by Stef
It means its over done finished no turning back, The clouds clearing in the background however does signal a new day is just beginning so even though you will feel pain now it will get better .

Answer by Tea
The 10 of Swords in the outcome position is not a good sign. It usually means “utter defeat.”

It does not look like things are going to come out well for you if you continue on this present course. You should probably try drawing a two card “alternate path” spread in order to see how you can get a better outcome. Just draw one card for what your alternate action would be and one card for what the outcome would be.

Answer by Meg Davidson
You know, I realized something about this card last night actually. Mostly it means the end of a cycle, a vicious one at that. If you look at the imagery I assume you are using the Rider Waite Smith deck, it shows this guy on the ground, ten swords in his back, and the sun may or may not be rising depending on the readers pessimissm or optimism. Swords can represent words or thoughts, some times negative ones, I’ve had this problem for years that left me much like this guy: paralyzed and not sure if I was ready to test different waters. I think this card is telling you that if you let yourself, you too can end the cycle, and start facing your fears, baby steps are the key here.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Readers,….what is your….?

what card do you feel most connected to? Or what card frequently comes up for you (more so than others)?

What is your Sun sign?

Mine is always the Wheel of Fortune- it comes up often for me… Sun/ Sag

Answer by angel_not3424
Im not one, but I am very interested in them! And would love to learn more, especially about what they see in me!!! If you have any info on how to go about that without paying let me know PLEASE! I’m kinda short on cash these days lol.

Answer by snatch
i haven’t had my cards read alot. read em for me?

my sun sign is pices. i don’t know much bout sagittarius, yall good pple?

Answer by Autumnrose
I’m just beginning my tarot studies, but I feel a big connection to the Lovers and the Moon… Probably because my sun and moon signs are both Pisces, lol! 🙂

I also like the Tower though because I find myself wanting to start over a lot and needing a fresh start…

Answer by angeldelanoches2002
The Empress!! I am not sure what my sun sign is.

Answer by tinkerbella
Cups cups cups! I was getting cups ALL the time. Especially the two, three, the Woman and the Man of Cups ( i use the Voyager Tarot), but all of them, most recently 10.

My Sun is in Capri, but i believe all these cups messages had more to do with Saturn conjunct Venus at my mid-heaven

Now, I have drawn the Sage of Crystals, “Knower” three or four times in a row…

Answer by Ms Virgo to you!!
9 Pentacles


Answer by life’s journey
I’m not a Tarot reader – I am a Tarot player.

I love the hangman (death) because it means something is ending which means something is beginning.

I’m a Scorpio – the power to be transformed is in our Phoenix – the mythical bird that burns up and is reborn.

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